Anxious and worried

Hello everyone - we hope you are keeping well and staying indoors.  The more of us who can stay in, and avoid spreading the virus, the more lives will be saved and the sooner we will be able to come back out again!  

We are all in this together and we are all needed to help one another through it.  

As circulating on Twitter, please remember, we can still phone friends and relatives, we can still smile and wave through windows, send texts and emails, do facetime and zoom, we can still play music, sing and dance, play games and even write letters (for those of us who are more old school).  I'm personally going to get my paints out!

But it is normal to be worried and even afraid sometimes, that is completely understandable, so stay with us and let's see if we can offer some help and go together in the right direction.

If you are in immediate danger and frightened for you own life or that of someone close to you please call emergency services on 999 or go directly to your local Accident & Emergency unit

If you need someone to talk to urgently then please talk to a reliable friend or family member of call the Samaritans on 116 123

If you are very anxious and worried at this minute, you can try this link

This is a breathing exercise to help you to calm and get all your normal thought processes back in play - once you are calmer we can look at other ideas for the next hours and days ahead

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