Challenge Four- Let’s Get Creative (Being creative helps us think and see differently. It can distract us from worry or help us find creative ways to express and deal with our distress)

Make, draw, write, paint.. whatever you want to do, but you could also think about how to represent “Kindness”….

Well, we have spoken of the importance of creativity before, but it certainly benefits from repeating.

Doing something creative can be brilliant in so many ways.  If you are having a difficult day, directing your mind to something creative can bring relief and an improved sense of self, even a sense of achievement. Creativity can calm the mind and enable it to settle and focus.  While being creative we seem to have different types of conversations - it’s as if by using our creativity our mind is freed from its usual routes and pathways and can sometimes come up with some different or better ways of thinking.  We can create solutions almost while we are not thinking about the problem.

If we are talking to someone else, it can feel easier to speak about difficult thoughts or feelings, like being creative and sitting alongside someone makes us more articulate, makes it easier to find the right words.  And don’t forget, you could also end up with a beautiful object, a photograph, a drawing, a painting, a piece of pottery, a decorated cake, gorgeous colouring in, a story or a poem - the possibilities are literally endless!

And even better , we may have created something that could be a gift for someone else!  Or we could help someone else learn to do the same thing!!  My grandma taught me to knit (which was tough because she was left handed and I’m not), my Mam taught me to crochet, my Dad got me started with drawing, my friend at school got me to write poetry and a mad Channel 4 programme got me decorating cakes.  Learning and sharing is also great for our mental health and wellbeing.

Using creativity to express ourselves in the world is a great way to feel good about ourselves, and though we know many of you think you are not creative we know that you are!

So, for your Challenge today we are just asking you to Create something, take your camera phone and get a brilliant picture of yourself, your kids or your dog.  You could create a still life made of objects you love and take a picture of that.  Or you could do a drawing or painting of any of those things.  You could use marzipan to make an object if you don’t have clay, write a poem about your day or write a short story about something that happened to you when you were little, or that never happened to you but you would have liked it to!

You can literally do anything you want, big or small, this is just for you - unless you want to share it!

Maybe if you find something you like, or rediscover a passion from the past, it could encourage you to keep on going and your creative challenge for today could last all year!

Here are some great examples of people doing stuff that you could also have a go at:

Get Creative at Home - This is a water colour workshop but there are loads of different ones!


Take a look at @LizAtkin who is doing a brilliant photographic project at the minute, getting everyone to look at the small worlds around them #texturehuntergatherer

James Brunt is an amazing nature artist who creates his work using the natural world around him - you can replicate this on a small scale in your house or garden

And here is an A-Z of creative activities - there has to be something that catches your eye and you can manage to do, even in lockdown!

H&ED Mind is still encouraging creativity and as groups start to be able to meet again there will be lots of creative things happening so do stay in touch and have fun with todays challenge

And Yes - you guessed it - pictures to us please, let’s see what you got up to!

We’d love to see some photographs or videos - you can send them direct to us here via the contact page.

Now the final bit of the challenge is that if you have enjoyed the process and can afford it (please don’t give us money that you need for other things) then please donate via our Virgin Moneypage to help us keep reaching out and building a more connected, caring, creative and kind world for us all. 

Ok, well that’s us for today - See you tomorrow…..

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in future blog posts, but most of all Stay Safe Well, Creative, Connected and KIND!


Please don’t go out unless absolutely necessary (i.e. for food basics), keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around (more if someone is running or cycling). Keep smiling, waving and talking. Wash hands and avoid touching faces when out and about. 

Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives. 

If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

If you have any other health concerns please do call your doctors, they are still open and you are not “bothering” them if you need to speak about something going on for you right now.   COVID-19 is a terrible thing but other health problems are also a priority - call your GP and check it out!

Look forward to speaking again soon!

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