Helping Each Other

Topic for Today - Helping Each Other

At the moment, it is essential that we keep a physical distance from each other, but just as important, is to keep social and emotional closeness and to build strong connections with those around us. 

If you have friendship and family groups please use them and stay in touch - a text, a call, a quick email can make a world of difference. But we would like to encourage you to do more, and to go further in building connections and friendships now.

In many areas and across lots of different people, groups and communities new Mutual Aid groups are popping up and growing. These are, very simply, small groups of people getting together to help and support each other.  It might be neighbours in a street, or parents from a school, new mams coming to terms with baby care in the face of lock down, or groups of volunteers or carers, it can be anything. 

These groups are working brilliantly to keep people going, raise spirits and share important information - they are also helping people to keep smiling and organise things that make a real difference on your doorstep.  However, one of the really important jobs they are also doing is taking pressure off other vital services.  If we can keep each other going with mutual support and assistance, we can avoid a whole raft of extra requests on the local authorities, NHS and other statutory agencies.  And that helps everyone.

So, if you are sitting at home feeling a bit low or lonely, or like you might be able to help others through this time, how about setting a small group up.  It’s as simple as asking people if they would like to join and then creating a platform for them to join in.  We are recommending WhatsApp as a way to do it but there are other ways.  For the two groups we are part of we simply sent out a note asking people to forward their name and number if they would like to join in and help each other.  One is based on a street, the other is based on a group of Peers volunteering at Mind. Each group has a host / administrator who adds people on (and can remove them if there are any problems) and generally starts the day with a good morning to everyone - and from there the group decide their own conversations and actions.  Our Peer group shares ideas, emotional support, encouragement and humour, our street based group gets shopping for people, shares garden plants, created a Teddy Bear Hunt and notices if anyone has not been in touch to check they are ok.

It may seem a big step but we think you will love it if you give it a go.

If you would like to know more or need support setting one up please contact us through this site or have a look at the links below:

Ok, well those are our thoughts for today, take care, stay safe, well, kind, creative and connected!

Don’t go out if we don’t absolutely need to (i.e. for food basics), keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around us. Keep smiling, waving and talking. Wash hands and avoid touching faces when out and about. 

Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives. 

If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

Look forward to speaking again soon!

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