Relationships Being Together

Relationships (if we are in the same home)

So today we want to mention relationships.  For some people lock down means being inside together for a long time.  Now, whether we are the happiest of families or not, this is going to be difficult! There may be times, because we are unwell, tired or worried, when it feels too much.  

Can we make a few suggestions to try and help us all through this:

  • Agree some ground rules - what will help you as a family or group of friends or house mates get through this. Privacy, quiet times, how to handle disagreements, sharing responsibilities? These might be some of the things we should all be talking about and setting out some ways of dealing with them.

  • Build a routine - activities, rests, time alone, time to share, eating, cleaning, caring. It doesn’t have to be a minute by minute set of instructions, and it may need to change regularly, but some form of routine helps us feel secure, helps us get through our day and can give us a sense of achievement

  • Focus on the Positive - maybe spend some time each day letting each other know what we appreciate about each other and our lives right now - this can really help us feel valued and keep our spirits up 
  • Do something kind together or for each other - maybe focus on something you can do for your house, your neighbour or your street. Connecting with others and helping them, helps us.  So, if you can help by getting someone else their shopping, sharing something you don’t need anymore, or drawing kind messages and rainbows on the pavement, then let’s give it a crack!

You might like to look at the gottman institute for some great advice for couples and parents, around building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Ok, well those are our thoughts for today, take care, stay safe and remember to help one another safely!

Let’s double down on all our safe practices, don’t go out if we don’t absolutely need to (i.e. for food basics), keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around us, but remember this does not mean we can’t smile, wave and speak.  Wash our hands regularly (as seen on TV, and for at least two cycles of Happy Birthday) and avoid touching our faces when out and about.  Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives.  If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

Look forward to speaking again soon (Tomorrow we will be talking about maintaining and building relationships when we are apart)

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