Working Together “Mutual Aid”

Topic for Today - Working Together “Mutual Aid”

Today we are very excited to announce the publication of a new introduction and practical guide to creating your own Mutual Aid Groups (MAGs). 

“Let’s Get Started with Mutual Aid”

This is what we were talking about in our post on the 9thof April “Helping Each Other”.

The guide is just some basic information and advice along with a planning tool to get things off the ground.  It can be used by you direct, or if you are a support worker in any organisation, you might like to think about using MAGs to enable those you work with to learn from and support each other.  Creating more capacity within our organisations and within our communities.

If you are sitting at home feeling like you want to get in touch with your neighbours and maybe help each other more, if you are an artist or were self employed and you want to try and work with others to see what is possible, a group of expecting or new mam’s wanting to share and reassure each other, then maybe this is a way forward for you. With nothing to lose, we think it is worth a go, and as part of several MAGs doing a range of different things we can vouch for how well they work to get things moving.  We are surrounded by amazing people with all kinds of skills, abilities and ideas, our communities are full of amazing resources we walk by without noticing - let’s start making the most of them and each other!

So, here’s the link to download the document, please use it however you want, if you are an organisation then please reference the authors if you use it in work/training and let us know how you are getting on.  Your feedback will really be appreciated.

“The answer to most of our problems is each other”

Ok, well that’s us for today!

Please let us know if there is anything you would like us to cover in future blog posts, but most of all Stay Safe Well, Kind, Connected and CREATIVE!


Please don’t go out if we don’t absolutely need to (i.e. for food basics), keep a safe distance (2 meters) from the other people around us.  Keep smiling, waving and talking.  Wash hands and avoid touching faces when out and about. 

Anything we can do to stop and slow the virus is keeping more of us safe and literally saving lives. 

If you have symptoms, stay inside and contact 111 or the website to get more advice.

Look forward to speaking again soon!

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